About Tube King

Tube King is a full-service tube amp repair shop and tube dealer located in Salem, Ore. We offer full diagnostic services including tube testing, and can replace your worn or faulty tubes, capacitors, resistors, power transformers, output transformers, potentiometers, tube sockets, etc.

To keep your amp in top condition, we have an enormous cache of vintage parts, including NOS tubes and used vintage tubes (all tested before sold), vintage jacks, vintage knobs, vintage potentiometers, a really large collection of Belden vintage cloth-covered wire, NOS capacitors and resistors, as well as carrying a full line of new tubes, including Electro-Harmonix, JJs, Groove Tubes, Ruby, Tube Amp Doctor, Sovtek, Sunrise, Valve Art, and Winged C/SED.

Vintage tube amps have a great sound and a great visual aesthetic. Tube electronics articulate the midrange frequencies more accurately, and those are the frequencies that human hearing is more sensitive to, rather than super-low bass or super-high treble. The sound also has more physical impact because the output transformer combined with the tubes delivers a truly balanced output signal at the speaker, which comes across much better with tubes than with solid state. By bringing professional high-quality analog electronics back into working operation, we feel like we’re contributing to the improvement of sound overall, and can encourage people to experiment with tube equipment and hear for themselves how much better it really can be.

About Eric Lovre

Guitarist for the legendary Dharma Bums, Eric has been rocking the Northwest since before you moved here! Eric is a fourth-generation Oregonian, born and raised in the Willamette Valley. His early interest in electronics was influenced by his grandfather, a well-known electrician in Silverton from the 1930s to the late ’60s. As a boy, Eric used to build crazy things out of parts from his grandpa’s garage: crystal radios, little one-stage tube amplifiers, and even an eavesdropping device so he could listen to people in the living room while he was in the bedroom. (He built a burglar alarm for his room so they couldn’t sneak up on him.)

Eric’s interest in music started around the same time. “I just love to play music. I can’t live without it. It’s like air and water to me. I was born to do it. It was a calling. My entire life, I never figured I would do anything else, ever. I never ever considered doing anything but rock and roll. That and electronics.”

He also records music in his all-vintage-analog studio, producing and engineering projects for, among others, John Fahey, the Minus 5, Perhapst, Kalaloch, and Michael Davis (MC5), as well as his current group, the Eric Lovre Band. “I’ve never liked the sound of digital very much, although it’s improved over the years,” says Eric. “The energy and the whole vibe of the record is better when people give a performance. That’s what separates a great record from an OK record—a great human performance—because no technology can do that. Technology just does what you tell it to do.”


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